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“Never contain yourself. Let the negativity roll down your cheeks because there is no better way to heal your soul.”- Mona



“A dejected heart and some soulful music together have the power to stop time.”- Mona


“If your day starts with tears in your eyes then make sure to end it with a smile on your face.”- Mona

Happiness is omnipresent!

Some people say that happiness is found, others say that it is created and for few it’s just a state of mind. Is it easy to find happiness just like that in troubled times? Can you create happiness out of nowhere? Can you be in a happy state of mind amidst the grave circumstances? No, it’s not that simple.

The idea of attaining true happiness is very elusive but it’s not impossible. Happiness is like a ray of sunshine, it can reach to your every dark corner if you just let it in. What is important is that your outlook towards everything. Understand what satisfies you the most. What is it that brings a smile on your face when you think about it? What are your innermost desires or dreams that you gave up on? Don’t get dishearten if your life is deprived of those things that makes you go Yay! Happiness is omnipresent, you just have to learn how to achieve it.

I have been a very positive and a patient person throughout my life. A happy-go-lucky girl of my family who knows how to tickle your funny bone. But this year, I lost my father and then my mother with in a span of six months. I was devastated. All hopes, all dreams, everything shattered into pieces. Parents are like two strong pillars in one’s life holding and supporting their kids no matter what happens. Losing them killed my spirit in ways that can’t be explained. I felt abandoned like I’m never going to be happy again. How life can be so cruel I wonder all the time. It’s been a few months now and I still cry late at night. I smile but behind every smile there is a feeling of emptiness. So many emotions inside of me are overwhelming. But, then I started looking for a direction something to look forward to. Like I said earlier I’m a positive person and that helps me to see a ray of hope even in the darkest times. The tragic incident changed my perspective for forever. My new-found attitude towards life gives me strength and a reason to smile again. I realize now that life is very uncertain and I can not just sit and wait for good things to happen. At this juncture of my life I know that I need to give my emotions an outlet. So here I am letting everything out and trying to rediscover myself in order to achieve my true happiness. I know what I want and I’m on it!


“Soliloquies of a sanguine soul” is not just a blog for me. It is more like a healing device. I started this blog for myself and for others because sometimes in this crazy world when everything around you is going wrong and you have no control over it then this overwhelming mix of emotions gets too difficult to handle. What are you going to do about it? I’ll tell you. Hold yourself, pour everything out and clear your head. I know it is easier said then done but this is how it works. This is what I’m doing. Healing process is usually slow so give it your time and you’ll be just fine.

I’m an insanely optimistic woman who believes that if you try you can be happy even in troubled times. I feel that sanguine is an adjective especially coined for me. I have been through many ups and downs in my life, well who doesn’t, but what is important is that how you cope up in those situations. To get over a tragedy while maintaining your sanity is a tough task and I find myself to be an expert in this matter. Because of my upbeat attitude and positive outlook towards life my near and dear ones suggested me to share my unspoken and untold thoughts. I liked the idea. Why not share what I feel about life and its infinite aspects. So here I am!

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