Soliloquies of a sanguine soul

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A wilted soulπŸ’”

My tears lullaby me to sleep.

I Miss You!

Solace in silence!

I saw a dream…

Does it ever happen to you that you wake up in the morning completely engrossed in the mix of emotions? Does it make you feel restless when you take a few seconds to adjust yourself to the surroundings and finally realize that it was all a dream? Yes, a dream for which your heart has been yearning for so long. And when you are finally in it you will do anything to never let it end. A fear starts to engulf you that it might not last forever and then you will wake up with so many things unsaid and so many things undone. Do you know that feeling?

I saw such a dream. A dream so real that I forgot all my worldly pain. I saw her in there with a radiant smile and sparkling eyes just like I remembered. A calm on her face telling me that everything will be alright my love. Those few minutes in my dream world were like an emotional roller coaster ride with happy faces, pounding hearts, teary eyes and trembling voices. I was going crazy. Running towards everyone shouting, β€œShe is back, My Mum is back”. I wanted to hold her tight and never let her go. But, little did I know that it was just a dream.


The unbearable pain πŸ’”

My life! My pain!

Wish upon a star πŸŒ 

While admiring the shimmer of the sky.
I wonder if those stars also lie.

Shining brightly in the same spot.
Do they pretend what they are not.

Are they the place where our lost ones reside.
Or just heavenly bodies in space where no one can hide.

There is so much more to them than meets the eye.
Without them there will never be a beautiful night sky.

We only see what’s good on their outside.
We never notice the real struggle scorching their inside.

They burn themselves to charm us with their twinkle.
And we think everything about them is just so simple.

That’s not the end of their story, not at all.
We even wish upon them when they die and fall.

They give us something to learn and something to think about.
If you want to shine like a star then burn yourself inside out.

Death is inevitable but don’t die in vain
Live such a life that thinking about you eases a lonely heart’s pain.


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