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My tears lullaby me to sleep.

Who are you?🤔

Thought of the day!

In the lap of nature.

Few years back I was enjoying an early morning stroll along the wandering Ganges river. Everything about that morning was beautiful and perfect. The calm surroundings, the cool breeze brushing my hair, the warmth of rising sun wrapped around me like a blanket, the sound of river running through rocky surface was like music to my ears. I was jumping on the rocks like a free-spirited girl, my emotions were heightened, my eyes were sparkling, I couldn’t stop smiling and suddenly I felt that my body was free from all the negativity.

In the lap of nature I discovered that I could feel myself so close to it like we have so many things in common. I realized that I am somewhat like this, always calm, always happy and I proudly confess that I’m the sunshine of my house. But still I have so many things to learn. There is so much to discover, so much to take in and so much to give away.

So, today I want everyone reading this post to be a little mindful and learn good things from your surroundings. We all know that nature is the best teacher but we never learn from it. Just try to be serene like it and it will work wonders for you. Be a little destructive and everything will be lost forever. Choice is yours. We all have a long way to go so it’s better to learn good, be good and make the journey worthwhile!



“If your day starts with tears in your eyes then make sure to end it with a smile on your face.”- Mona

My friends are my salvation!

In the darkest time when everything is uncertain.

I hold on to the ones who remove the shady curtain.

They brighten up my day and help me understand the game.

They fill my heart with joy and give my life new aim.

They listen, they argue, they are critical people too.

In life when I get stuck, they tell me what I need to do.

I have been pretty good, I have done really bad.

But without any judgements they were there whenever I turned sad.

Laughter, tears, secrets and fears.

We always stayed together and it’s been so many years.

I wonder what I did so great and worthy at my end.

How I managed to have such beautiful souls as my best friends.

In this insane world, I get a little crazy without worrying about ramification.

All this is possible for me because my friends are my strength and my friends are my salvation!


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